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InsureYourAutos is managed by a two-man team. Ocassionally, people have contributions to make pertaining to our articles. Sometimes, mistakes are made {No human is perfect} and some also want to make corrections to our great articles here. Some also need guest posts {mostly to receive referral traffic from our blog. Also some may want to have backlinks from our site in order to increase Search Engine Page Ranking and better off page Search Engine Optimisation.

We give no follow backlinks to other bloggers. This is to ensure spread of our link juice from article to article}. All we require in that aspect is an ORIGINAL AND WELL WRITTEN ARTICLE.

We have your best interests at heart and as such if you have any complaints, suggestions, observations or you would like to reach us in any way, kindly drop a comment in any of the comment boxes or contact us in any of the following ways:

Through electronic mail:,, or
Phone Call or WhatsApp: +2347068416632

  • Name: Oluwafemi Emmanuel

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