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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Insurance Jargon Explained and Decoded

Accidents happen. It is just a fact of life. Safety is the best prevention, but sometimes the inevitable cannot be avoided. Having insurance is a worthwhile investment for protecting you and your loved ones.

Health Insurance Plan for Parents and Children

A health insurance plan that covers not only you but your whole family is a solid deal. In a single premium you get to cover up to 15 members of your family. Such comprehensive health insurance plan is called a family floater plan.

Important Points to Ponder Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan

A health insurance plan is an essential part of financial planning in this era of skyrocketing medical costs. Medical inflation has been aggravating at its full spree which makes it all the more important to buy a Health Insurance plan which could sponsor the hospitalization and medical treatment bills or expenses.

A Life Insurance Strategy for Families With Special-Needs Children

For families who have children with special needs — for example, a mental or physical disability — the question isn’t whether the parents should own life insurance, it’s how much they can afford.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Teenage Drivers Auto Insurance

IIHS further suggests that immaturity leads to various risky habits for examples ignorance towards speed limit and the inability to recognize or respond to hazards. It is therefore not uncommon for auto insurers to charge high premium rate for young drivers. To help lower insurance cost, IIHS recommends parents to only let their teenagers drive safe-vehicles with at least these 4 basic principles:

Auto Insurance Pricing Factors

The truth is, getting coverage that is that cheap is all but impossible, and there are many factors that go into automobile insurance pricing. Let's take a closer look at a few of the big factors, so you can be more informed and hopefully pay less for your coverage.

Tips on Buying Car Insurance

Auto insurers underwrite policies to evaluate the risk given to each insurance applicant. During this process, a person is grouped into a category, such as a high-risk driver, low risk, teenage or elderly. If this risk associated with the applicant is considered too high, the application could be denied coverage altogether.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to Purchase Auto Insurance: Part two

As we earlier talked about in the purchase of car insurance in the first part of this article, there are different choices and benefits for people that insure in different ways. Comparing quotes is a great way to save up on vehicle insurance policies.

Vehicle Insurance Change: Errors to Avoid

It’s common to find people who have bought vehicle insurance and deliberated on changing insurance companies. This is mostly due to change in cover rates coupled with having a lot of options {in form of rivals} to pick from.

The Knowledge Drivers should have Pertaining Non-owner Auto insurance

In every city, town or village {hehe}, there are people who can drive but due to reason best known to themselves, don’t have their own cars. And for these kind of people, there is vehicle insurance coverage for them in case of any incident. This type of insurance policy is referred to as non-owner auto insurance.

Does It Pay To Have Low Auto Insurance?

If we take a poll now on whether people want to pay high costs for auto insurance than what is needed, it’s sure to be on the high side {And by a landslide} that people don’t want to. There are differences in what would measure as ‘low auto insurance’.

How to Purchase Auto Insurance

Back in times past, if one wanted to purchase an auto coverage policy, all you just needed to do was hook up with an agent in your environs. Although that form of purchasing car insurance is still available for those who want to go that way, drivers nowadays want to test out different options they have at hand.