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Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Health Insurance Process - When the Patient Gets Stuck

Studies show that ER costs make up the biggest portion of amounts owed from insured and uninsured patients struggling to pay medical bills!

In Network or Not?

Do Comic Book Superheroes Need Health Insurance?

At the climax of a comic book or blockbuster movie, there is often a fight wherein a massive amount of private property gets destroyed.

The Best Life Insurance Companies

Finding the best life insurance company typically involves weighing customer service, financial strength and price. There are hundreds of life insurance companies competing for your business and often selling very similar products.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

6 Types Of Auto Insurance Coverage That First-Time Car Owners Need To Know

But, it still doesn't take away the importance of covering your car with a good auto insurance plan, since you don't know what will happen to your car later.

Cheap Student Auto Insurance

There are numerous reasons why younger people pay more for automobile insurance. This includes the obvious, like lack of driving experience and high crash statistics.

Are You Covered by Insurance in a Road Rage Incident?

In a perfect world, every auto driver would operate his or her vehicle responsibly without the need to worry about the next car's inappropriate or dangerous driving. Unfortunately, life is far from perfect and the roads can be an extremely perilous place for everyone that shares it. Fortunately, there is insurance that protects us from the very real likelihood of accident occurrence.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Steps To Take After Experiencing an Auto Accident

Almost all, if not all of us have experienced an automobile accident before at least once in our lifetime. This is usually accompanied by a procedure that can be quite problematic for us. Should you call the police?

Friday, 19 August 2016


Do you feel you are spending too much on auto insurance? Then this post is for you to find out some costly car insurance mistakes and help you discover if you’ve been missing out on some really advantageous savings and tricks to get the best insurance rate possible. So, sit tight, this won’t be long. Just read along and maybe bookmark this page to come here later to refresh your memory.

Okay, all that said and done, let us get down to the business of the day. The following bulleted points are the most likely costly car insurance mistakes you might be making. They are:


If your plan has a higher deductible, while your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher should you get in an accident, your monthly premiums are typically lower.



Many companies reward their insured drivers who have a clean record which is majorly- at least 3 years of:
·         Zero at-fault accidents which simply means all the accidents the insured driver might be in were never his/her fault.
·         A clean driving record: This is a record with no record of driving crime at all. Examples of such are DUI (Driving under Influence), Illegal Street racing, etc.


·         Must meet GPA requirements: Such students must attain a certain GPA in his/her institution to receive this reward from their insurance companies. This GPA requirement varies with insurance companies and the kind of reward attached to it.
·         For a 20 year old man with one car and one driver, he would have an average of 14.8% savings on his insurance plan
·         For a 20 year old woman with one car and driver, in this case, she would get an average savings of 10% on her insurance plan.


For taking a defensive driving course,
·         Drivers between the ages of 16-25 enjoy a 15% average savings on their insurance plan.
·         Senior drivers, from 26 upwards get a 5% average savings on their insurance plan.


For bundling your car or cars with your home or rental insurance, you enjoy up to 15% off consumer rates.


For possessing the following vehicle safety features, you get discounts on your insurance rates.
1.        Airbags
2.        Anti-lock brakes
3.        Daytime running lights
4.        Rearview (a.k.a. backup) cameras
5.        Anti-theft systems
6.        Emergency response systems


If you are someone who drives really low mileage in a year then a “pay by the mile” policy would be really best for you and can help you save a whopping $400 in a year!


By switching policies following a life event or cleaner driving record may save you some few bucks.


Paying your 6-month premium in full could lower your rate by 5 - 10%


If your answer to the above is “No”, then try out the above tips and watch your savings grow miraculously.
Happy Savings!!!!!!!!

Reasons College Students might not need a Car

Reasons College Students might not need a Car

This post is majorly for the parents and guardians to enlighten you on why your ward might not need a car when going to college, especially one that is a bit far away from home. Even if your ward has been driving unsupervised for quite a while at home, there is still a difference as he/she is going to be on his/her own with the big responsibility of maintaining a car without close monitoring, curfew and all that cautioning. 
So, just before you quickly slam take your decision on that, we have some few points for you to consider before letting off your ward with an automobile to school:
ü  Probability of Drinking under Influence (DUI) is high: Okay, it is not a new thing that most colleges and universities are flooded with alcoholics and students have little or no restriction to access to it.

In cases where by there are events such as parties which would definitely have alcohol flowing, kids getting drunk and wanting to drive, they might pose a great threat to their lives, to that of pedestrians and damage to public or private properties.

For students who get involved in DUI and are apprehended, the fees involved are usually quite exorbitant rising to as high as $4400 to $8400.

A rough estimate of the fees are stated below:
·         Car Towing and Impounding: $200
·         Treatment Programme: $300
·         Ignition interlock device installation and fees: This is required in about 23 states after a first time offence.
·         License reinstatement: $200-$700
·         Car Insurance increase: This happens when it is a family policy with an 18 year old child-- $800
·         Jail bond: $500-$2000
·          Citation, court fees and Attorney: This is added just in case the case goes to trial-- $400
·         Total Fees: $4400 to $8400
Please bear in mind that these rates may vary depending on the level of alcohol in the driver’s blood, the extent of damage done, etc.
ü  It’s a good way to protect them: To be honest, automobile accidents are not always nice to see and therefore, to protect your ward from accidents especially when they are still in their first year just keep the car from them.

Even if your ward has been driving for quite a while, driving in a new environment might not be so easy. College environments are usually busy and rowdy so there is a high probability of drivers getting into accidents.

And even if your ward is able to stay out of accidents, what about their friends who would drive their cars once in a while.

Some colleges do not even allow their freshmen bring cars on campus to control traffic, accident rates and at times due to insufficient parking space which might even be expensive at times. This can pose real inconvenience for a student who is a freshman and also has a car. Why not let them take the bus and save them all this hassle?

ü  You enjoy discounts on insurance rates: A couple of insurance companies often offer discounts to parents or guardians whose wards do not use their vehicles while in school until they get back. The average distance of school to home often considered is usually about 100 miles although it can be longer.

Okay, so that’s all we have for now… If you have any contributions, questions, complaints… Kindly drop them in the comment box

Friday, 29 July 2016

Recycling Your Automobile Parts

The last one hundred years has seen great improvement in the automobile manufacturing industry. Forget it, automobiles are a very essential part of our lives as they are highly used in the effective running of our day-to-day activities.